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‘Danny Ball’ returns to James Harrison, and other Steelers, workout routine

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James Harrison’s workout program is intense, but nothing is more crazy than the volleyball-type game they call ‘Danny Ball’.

If you follow James Harrison on social media platforms, you witness just how incredible his workouts are. Whether he is deadlifting the equivalent of a small vehicle, pushing over 1,000-pounds on a sled in 100-degree heat in a sweatsuit or making all us usual gym-goers seem extremely small and weak, Harrison is a freak of nature.

While in Arizona, his usual destination, this offseason, Harrison continued a trend for his offseason training, and that is playing the game ‘Danny Ball’, but this time it was a competition with a couple teammates.

The teams in this volleyball-type game were Harrison and Vince Williams, versus Robert Golden and Sean Weatherspoon.

Check out the videos here, from both Harrison’s Instagram account and Williams’ Twitter page:

Danneyball 7-0 beating @vinnywill98 and I gave @goldenb0y21 @spoonjones56

A post shared by James Harrison (@jhharrison92) on

Another 7-0 SKUNK of @spoonjones56 @goldenb0y21

A post shared by James Harrison (@jhharrison92) on

According to Williams and Harrison’s social media accounts, the duo was victorious in their game, but regardless of score, it is good to see members of the defense working with Harrison, as well as training hard to make sure 2017 is a season to remember for the black and gold.