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Le’Veon Bell and Antonio Brown represent the Steelers in the Top 10 of the NFL Network’s Top 100

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The NFL Network’s Top 100 list came to it’s conclusion Monday night, and a pair of Pittsburgh Steelers playmakers were represented in the Top 10.

NFL: AFC Wild Card-Miami Dolphins at Pittsburgh Steelers Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

If you are like me, and a lot of other fans, you both look forward to, and despise, the NFL Network’s Top 100 list. The league’s primary television station gets exactly what they want — Debate and discussion.

Count us guilty on all counts.

The list has been slowly dwindling down, and the Pittsburgh Steelers haven’t been very well represented, until the Top 10. Everyone knew Antonio Brown and Le’Veon Bell would be in the Top 10, but they weren’t sure where they would end up.

At No. 9, Le’Veon Bell got some much-needed recognition. Check out the video segment below:

Once Bell was announced in the No. 9 slot, up from No. 41 in 2016, it was now time to wait for Brown’s name to be called, and it was at No. 4, his same position on the list as 2016.

Take a look at Brown’s video segment:

We, the fans, can debate and argue all we want about these players being placed on this list in any number of ways, but the reality is the Steelers should be thankful they have such talent on their offense heading into 2017. Throw in Martavis Bryant, and it is safe to say the Steelers’ offense will be loaded next year.