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Steelers Fan Playa Hatin' Round 1 Results: No. 5 Suh vs No. 13 Blount

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Just like the NCAA tourney arpt least one a year, a #5 seed bowed down to a #12 in BTSC’s bracket of brutes.

NFL: New England Patriots at Cleveland Browns Scott R. Galvin-USA TODAY Sports

Either it’s because Steeler fans can't stand the Patriots or they never forgave LeGarrette Blount for his divisive and destructive shenanigans in less than a season in Pittsburgh, but Blount was voted as the more abhorred than Ndamukong Suh in BTSC’s expose’ of the detested. In a second straight upset involving New England players, Blount bested Ndamukong Suh, even though Suh’s despicable behavior led to a Ben Roethlisberger injury last October. One fan likened Suh to Vontaze Burfict, but the circumstances surrounding Blount’s departure have definitely stayed in the craniums of Steeler fans.

Below lies the latest tally.

#12 LeGarrette Blount - 80% (320 Votes)

#5 Ndamukong Suh - 20% (79 Votes)

Blount moves on to square off against his former teammate on the Pats, Julian Edelman. Voting will commence next week. Stay close.