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AFC North News: Baltimore Ravens dealt two big injuries during OTAs

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We take a look around the AFC North to see what is going on as teams continue their OTAs.

Pittsburgh Steelers v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Sometimes football can be a very cruel sport. The wins and losses are clearly difficult on any fan, but the injuries can be downright horrendous.

This was the case for one team who calls the AFC North home, and we start there as we go through all the AFC North teams to check in on how they are handling Organized Team Activities (OTAs).

Baltimore Ravens

Injuries happen, everyone knows that, but having players get injured in meaningless practices where they weren’t even hitting one another is infuriating to a fan base. Unfortunately for the Ravens, they had two crucial injuries over the last two days of OTAs.

The Ravens’ leading pass-catcher, Dennis Pitta, injured his hip, again, while stretching for a pass during the team’s latest OTA session. When you read General Manager Ozzie Newsome’s statement above, it doesn’t seem to promising for Pitta.

If the injury is severe, it could be more than just the end of Pitta’s season, but his career.

The injury news didn’t get any better for Baltimore this week as they also watched second year cornerback Tavon Young tear his ACL in a non-contact situation.

Young will obviously be done for the year, and the Ravens will now have to scramble to fill the voids by both Pitta and Young at their respective positions.

Cincinnati Bengals

Not all AFC North news is as dire and depressing as what the Ravens are going through currently. In Cincinnati there was some humor provided, although it wasn’t meant to be humorous.

While scrolling through the BTSC Twitter feed, I couldn’t help but see this headline and had to do a double take.

So, just to make sure we are all on the same page, Adam ‘Pacman’ Jones, the man who has been arrested numerous times and was even in a courtroom apologizing publicly a few weeks ago, is going to mentor the young running back Joe Mixon who has dealt with domestic violence issues off the field.

The jokes are endless, and I will allow you each to provide one, or more, of your favorite in the comment section below.

Cleveland Browns

When Brock Osweiler was traded to the Browns, most assumed he wouldn’t be there long, but the Browns have kept him and want to see if he could be the quarterback they’ve wanted since re-entering the NFL.

Osweiler has been impressing the coaching staff and teammates early in OTAs, but as I know you will, you take those reports with a gigantic grain of salt as no one is trying to sack Osweiler, and defenders are not permitted to hit any offensive player.

Then again, I guess looking good in shorts is better than never looking good.