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Rate Your Steelers Hate Results: The Cowboys reign supreme in the NFC East

Not much of a surprise who Steeler fans dislike the most in the NFC East...The Dallas Cowboys. See the results and reasoning below.

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The Steelers are understandably going to have more heated rivalries in the AFC, their own conference, than the NFC. However, battling Dallas in two Super Bowls in the late 70s and one in the 90s puts them on a Steeler Nation radar of wrath. Throw in the fact that the last four contests were particularly tight, them boys from Dallas are chief rivals for Pittsburgh. So when the readers of BTSC rated the Cowboys as their least-liked from the NFC East, no eyebrows or unibrows were raised.

Let's take a look at the results...

Dallas Cowboys - 77% (478 votes)

Philadelphia Eagles - 17% (105 votes)

New York Giants - 3% (21 votes)

Washington Redskins - 3% (17 votes)

When it comes to the NFC East, most of the animosity of Steeler Nation is geared towards “America’s Team” and that label is only part of the reason why. Other reasons mentioned were the pretentiousness of the fans, the rivalry from the 70s, the renegade mentality of the 90s that continues today and Jerry Jones.

The Steelers have a natural rivalry with their statemates, the Philadelphia Eagles. Their domination of the Steelers throughout the years is mainly the source of the sour attitude. In Pennsylvania, east and west seem worlds apart in philosophy and mentality. Dislike for the Flyers also played a part in some reader’s opinions.

The Giants placed third. However, most commenters found the Giants to be favorable. It didn't hurt that they beat New England twice in the Super Bowl. The Mara/Rooney connection was a reason to like the Giants as well.

The Washington franchise got the least amount of votes, but were the source of plenty of comment-board disrespect. The controversial name, dislike for Dan Snyder’s ownership/arrogance and DC fans were the cause for those comments. The rivalry between the Penguins and Capitals and Washington fans assumed hatred for Pittsburgh was another mark against the Redskins.

BTSC stays in the NFC next and analyzes the opinion of Steeler fans of the NFC North.