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AFC North News: Baltimore Ravens sign two former Steelers cornerbacks

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With the Ravens in desperate need of cornerback help, they turn to two former Steelers to fill the void.

NFL: Indianapolis Colts at Pittsburgh Steelers Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

The Pittsburgh Steelers have never been known to be a team who can develop cornerbacks. Wide receivers? No doubt, but cornerbacks? Nope.

Nonetheless, when the Baltimore Ravens lost second year cornerback Tavon Young with a torn ACL, they had to try to find some warm bodies to fill the void. Their answer? Sign two former Steelers cornerbacks in Al-Hajj Shabazz and Brandon Boykin.

Neither of these two players were fan favorites, or considered to be the best at their position, and the Steelers felt no need to keep them in the Steel City.

Boykin, one of the more controversial players to enter Pittsburgh in the Mike Tomlin era, spent only one year with the Steelers after a preseason trade with the Philadelphia Eagles brought Boykin to town. He was signed by the Chicago Bears in 2016 after a short pre-season stint with the Panthers, but missed the season with a chest injury.

Al-Hajj Shabazz was a surprise release for the Steelers this offseason, but the organization could have been doing him a favor by releasing him earlier, rather than later, to give him plenty of time to find a new NFL home.

There is no guarantee these two players will even make the final 53-man roster for the Ravens, but Mr. Boykin should know, even after his short stint in Pittsburgh, there is only one NFL “nation”, and that belongs to the Steelers.