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Rate Your Steelers Hate Results: The AFC North

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By a close margin, BTSC readers have labeled their most-hated as it pertains to Steeler competitors in the AFC North.

Baltimore Ravens v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

When we at BTSC decided to poll the fans on which team they have unadulterated fan-hate for in each division, we were positive that New England and Dallas would lead in votes. They did. However, we had no idea who the fans would choose in the AFC North. Baltimore seemed like the obvious choice, but Cleveland is an old-school enemy. Then there’s the team that embodies the famous Chuck Noll label of “the criminal element”, the Cincinnati Bengals. The tally was tight.

Lets view the results.

Baltimore Ravens - 50% (664 Votes)

Cincinnati Bengals - 49% (648 Votes)

Cleveland Browns - 1% (23 Votes)

The Browns, as expected, got a few votes for history’s sake And for the reason that they bring down the division with their ongoing ineptitude. Being downtrodden so long now, fans just feel sorry for Cleveland. But if this draft hits and they start to rise, they’ll be back on the radar of wrath.

The decision came down to respect. Some Steeler fans actually have respect for the Baltimore Ravens for the hard-nosed way that they play, drafting strategies, etc. Fans still voted for them because of them playing Pittsburgh so tough and always being in their way for the division title. Some just don't like them at all.

On the contrary, many fans stated their complete lack of respect for Cincinnati. Their mercenacy attitude, the “"criminal element” of some players and their fans being perceived as delusional.

The Ravens received a very few more votes than Cincy. But it can be agreed upon that the hate is great for both squads. Just different.

Be sure to join us starting today for "Rate Your Steelers Hate: Part Five”, as we visit the vitriol for the AFC South.