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Pittsburgh Steelers sporting best odds to make the playoffs out of the AFC North

The Pittsburgh Steelers are a team looking to make the next step in 2017, and to do so they have to make the playoffs, which they have the best odds of doing so in the AFC North.

NFL: Baltimore Ravens at Pittsburgh Steelers Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

Fans of the Pittsburgh Steelers don’t talk playoffs, they talk Super Bowls. That is just the way it is, has been and most likely always will be. However, to get to the big dance, you have to make the postseason party.

For the teams who call the AFC North home, the Steelers are sporting the best odds of reaching the postseason, per the Bovada sports book in Las Vegas.

The Steelers, who won the division in 2016 and advanced to the AFC Championship game, are the clear favorites to represent the division again in 2017. Check out the odds below:

Will the Pittsburgh Steelers make the playoffs?

Yes -300 (1/3)

No +240 (12/5)

Will the Baltimore Ravens make the playoffs?

Yes +120 (6/5)

No -150 (2/3)

Will the Cincinnati Bengals make the playoffs?

Yes +160 (8/5)

No -200 (1/2)

Will the Cleveland Browns make the playoffs?

Yes +2000 (20/1)

No -5000 (1/50)

So, what do all these numbers mean? For the bettor, you don’t want to put money on the Steelers because it simply won’t pay. Now, if you are a realist, the Steelers is where you would put your money, but if you are trying to rake in some cash, then you might want to head over to another division to pick the division winner, just not the AFC East, because we all know who is going to win that division.