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Steelers Fan Playa Hatin' Round 1 Reults: No. 8 Aqib Talib vs No. 9 Jeremy Hill

BTSC continues to establish the most-despised NFL player according to our readers. The voters had less of a problem with an alleged headhunter than a man who desecrated the Terrible Towel.

Pittsburgh Steelers v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by John Grieshop/Getty Images

The voters have spoken and attempting to desecrate the Terrible Towel is enough to garner hatred from Steeler Nation. In a very close contest, Hill had enough votes to advance. Some BTSC readers didn't find either overly objectionable, but Hill’s disrespect for the towel was a huge reason to vote for him, even though his play against the Steelers has been subpar. One reader cited his disgusting guilty plea for actions against a 14 year-old girl when he was 18 as a reason to dislike him also. Talib, although not lauded as a model citizen himself, came close to advancing as well.

#8 Aqib Talib - 48% (153 Votes)

#9 Jeremy Hill - 52% (168 Votes)

Hill moves on to Round 2 to oppose teammate Vontaze Burfict.