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Steelers rookie James Conner proves his popularity with latest jersey rankings

A Pittsburgh Steelers newbie tops the rookie ranking for jersey sales, and James Conner’s popularity is all about his tremendous story and platform.

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers-Minicamp Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The Pittsburgh Steelers have a tremendously large fan base all over the globe. Because of that, the black and gold are second to only the New England Patriots in jersey sales according to Dick's Sporting Goods weekly rankings. They can also post about having the top rookie in jersey sales from the entire 2017 NFL Draft, but it isn't T.J. Watt. It's RB James Conner from Pitt.

Conner, who is a cancer survivor, and has overcome a serious knee injury, was the only player ranked in the top 10 to not be drafted in the first round. In fact, the third rounder was selected 105th overall. The first-overall pick, Myles Garrett to Cleveland, was ranked second. Watt was fourth.

Conner, the feel good story of the draft, is second in overall sales behind somone named Tom Brady. Teammate Antonio Brown is tenth in the league. Conner also led in rookie sales in their last report in June.

Leading jersey sales is nice in preseason, but if Conner tops the list at season's end...he's had a spectacular year. However, that would mean that Le'Veon Bell (21st overall) hasn't.