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Steelers Fan Playa Hatin' Round 2 Results: No. 1 Burfict vs No. 9 Jeremy Hill

BTSC begins the first round of Playa Hatin’ with a one-sided 1 vs 9 matchup.

Wild Card Round - Pittsburgh Steelers v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

In less of a surprise than stating that Independence Day will be celebrated on July the fourth this year, Vontaze Burfict moves on in BTSC’s bracket to determine the ultimate distaste for an individual opponent. The only surprise here is that Burfict’s teammate, Jeremy Hill, actually received votes. It proves that some members of Steeler Nation can't let disrespect for the Terrible Towel slide.

Let’s view the results together.

No. 1 Vontaze Burfict - 98% (354 Votes)

No. 9 Jeremy Hill - 2% (7 Votes)

Burfict moves to the semifinals to square off with the leading vote-getter between No. 4 T-Sizzle and No. 12 LeGarrette Blount