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An inside look at the company who produces Antonio Brown’s pre-game cleats

The NFL has relaxed their stance on player cleats entering the 2017 regular season, and Antonio Brown has hooked up with the Heyyman Studios to get his cleat game strong this year. Take a sneak peak!

The NFL has finally gotten with the times and allowed the players who represent the league to have some individuality about their game. In 2016, many players sported some awesome pre-game cleats, but had to change those cleats when the game officially started.

This year, the NFL is allowed players to have free reign on pre-game cleats, as well as game worn cleats as long as they meet certain criteria (color, logos, etc). Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown is one of the many players who likes to express themselves with his footwear, and he has hooked up with The Heyyman Studios again for the upcoming season.

The Heyyman Studios reached out to BTSC, and wanted to give us a sneak peak as to what they have planned for Brown in 2017.

“We will have a different pair coming each week...So far this year we've only done 1 preseason pair, that will probably be it for the preseason. Then we will start working full force weeks 1-16.”

Check out the cleats from the Steelers Week 1 preseason game vs. the New York Giants below, as well as cleats they did for Brown last year. Expect exclusive pictures of Brown’s cleats every week leading up to game day.

(For more images of cleats done for other NFL players, including Brown, check out The Heyyman Studios Instagram page.)