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Pittsburgh Steelers induct inaugural class into the brand-new Hall of Honor

The Pittsburgh Steelers had some tough decisions to make when they selected who would be inducted into the inaugural class of the Hall of Honor.

NFL: Baltimore Ravens at Pittsburgh Steelers Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

When you are a team steeped in history like the Pittsburgh Steelers, it can make seemingly easy decisions difficult. For instance, when the team announced they were starting a Hall of Honor, it immediately brought up discussion as to not just who would get in, but when would they get in.

That debate will continue for as long as the team inducts new members into the Hall of Honor, but the first class was a no-brainer on many levels.

The team just announced said first class, and they are as follows:

Many fans will debate who gets in and why, but the overall theme of the Steelers Hall of Honor should be to get players recognition who may be viewed as snubs from the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Players like Donnie Shell, L.C. Greenwood and Alan Faneca who await their golden jacket, can use the Steelers Hall of Honor as a hopeful pedestal to getting them enshrined forever in Canton, OH.

The Steelers plan is to induct a new class every year before the regular season begins. Who do you think should be the next class to be inducted into the Hall of Honor? Let us know in the comment section below!