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Steelers give Mike Tomlin two-year contract extension

The Steelers have rewarded head coach Mike Tomlin with a two-year contract extension.

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers Training Camp Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Rumors had swirled about the Pittsburgh Steelers extending head coach Mike Tomlin’s contract, but those rumors went silent after training camp started.

Those rumors turned into reality Friday when the team extended Tomlin’s contract for two years, through the 2020 season.

That is a lot of "Tomlinisms".

The Steelers don’t have to release the contract details of Tomlin’s latest contract, but you can assume a coach who has never suffered a losing season, been to two Super Bowls, won one, and just got his team to the AFC Championship game, would be paid as one of the elite coaches in the NFL.

Next up for a new deal in the team’s front office is general manager Kevin Colbert. At the same time it was rumored Tomlin could receive an extension, Colbert was also named in those reports as also due for a new contract.

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