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Joe Haden turned down offers from Dolphins, Saints, Raiders and Cowboys to play for the Steelers

As Joe Haden searched for a new home, he turned down more lucrative offers to play for the Steelers.

Cleveland Browns v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by Karl Walter/Getty Images

When a seasoned veteran who has been to Pro Bowls is suddenly brought into the team’s office and told they want him to take a pay cut to stay, often times the veteran will agree and “take one for the team”. However, when that team is the Cleveland Browns, who are clearly in rebuilding mode, a veteran might not want to wait around to see the building be completed.

That is what happened with Joe Haden, and when he refused to take a pay cut for the 2017 season, he was released by the Browns. Shortly after the decision, there were several teams who came calling, but only one which he really entertained.

The Pittsburgh Steelers.

In fact, Haden had offers from the Miami Dolphins, New Orleans Saints, Dallas Cowboys and even the Oakland Raiders, many of which reportedly offered more lucrative contracts, but Haden chose the Steelers.

Why? Well he explained his thought process to Missi Matthews of before the team’s final preseason game Thursday against the Carolina Panthers. Here is what he had to say, and you can watch the interview, comments at the 1:00 mark, in the player below.

“I had some other offers, you know, but to me it was more just the opportunity for me to be with an organization I know. The structure. I had some other teams, Miami, New Orleans, Dallas, you know, but for me, my fit, and after talking to my agent and my family I just felt like this would be the best fit for me.”

Can you blame him? Not only would he most likely step in and start from Day 1, but he is very familiar with the team, and the AFC North division. To go a step further, Haden said he thinks staying within the division is easier than leaving for new waters.

“I think it is a little easier. You know, just being able to play against them [the Steelers] twice a year for seven years. Knowing some of the guys. Knowing Pouncey and Gilbert, and a couple other dudes on this team, and feeling comfortable with the coach, and our relationships we’ve had talking. It just felt right, and coming out here and meeting everybody, the owner, I can tell the organization is run very, very well.”

One thing which should make Haden sleep a little better at night is the fact Antonio Brown is no longer terrorizing him on the field, but is going to be a teammate as the Steelers prepare for a march to seventh Lombardi trophy.

When all is said and done, the fact Haden chose Pittsburgh over all those other franchises not only speaks volumes about the organization, but also the coaching staff and the ownership.

Pittsburgh is still a sought after destination...just ask Joe Haden.