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Get a sneak peek at Antonio Brown’s cleats for Week 1 vs. the Browns

The Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver is becoming known for his flashy cleats, and he has a special pair for the Week 1 game against the Cleveland Browns.

The NFL has finally lightened up on several facets of the game, and one of those is the cleats the players wear. The NFL has allowed players to wear whatever cleats they would like for pre-game warm ups, but once the game starts they need to wear cleats which coincide with the NFL rules for color, brand, etc.

Antonio Brown, who is known for his flashy cleats, is preparing to wear some killer cleats on game day, and thanks to our friends at The Heyyman Studios, they are willing to give us a sneak peak at what Brown will be wearing when the Pittsburgh Steelers are preparing to do work every week.

In Week 1, as the Steelers get ready for the Cleveland Browns, Brown is going to be wearing some cleats which are designed around his Rolls Royce. Check out the designs for Brown’s cleats below, and look forward to previews like this for BTSC fans every week this season.