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Calling all diehard Steelers fans to help with the BTSC Fan Guide

The Pittsburgh Steelers’ fan base is immense, and we want to put together the official Steelers Fan Guide before the Week 2 game vs. the Minnesota Vikings.

NFL: San Francisco 49ers at Pittsburgh Steelers Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

When you run a website as large as Behind the Steel Curtain, and combine it with a fan base as gigantic as the Pittsburgh Steelers throng of followers, you have a wonderfully mad group of individuals.

Other than our own psychotic behavior surrounding the Black-and-gold, I constantly get questions via social media and emails asking questions such as: “I’ve never been to a Steelers game, and I’m headed to Pittsburgh. Where are some great restaurants and tailgate spots?”

After fielding several of these questions, I figured why not have an official fan guide that’s rich with information. The best hotels, tailgate spots, bars, tailgate recipes and even out-of-town Steelers bars (for those who can’t make it to the Steel City).

So, if you can answer any of the questions below, please do so in the comments and I’ll add them into the Steelers Fan Guide — a place where fans in Pittsburgh and elsewhere can join together to share in their passion for the Steelers.

1. Best hotels to stay in when attending a game at Heinz Field

2. Best bars in Pittsburgh for before, during or after game activities.

3. Best tailgate spots at Heinz Field

4. Go-to Steelers recipes (List as many as you want. We actually thought about making a collection of Steelers game-day recipes.)

5. Best in-game activities/food at Heinz Field

6. Out of town Steelers bars (name of the bar and where located)