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NFL Divisional Playoffs: Patriots and Titans Open Thread and Discussion

The Steelers are sitting at home enjoying the bye week, so we might as well enjoy the Wild Card games together.

New York Jets v New England Patriots Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images

The Pittsburgh Steelers won’t be playing until the AFC Divisional Round on January 14th, and today is the first day of the much-anticipated Divisional Weekend.

So we’ll all be watching the early games, and we might as well come together to watch the other AFC teams duke it out.

Remember, keep it respectful, stay focused and have some fun!

Here is the full run down of the weekend’s games:

Saturday, January 13

Eagles vs. Falcons - 4:35 p.m. ET

Patriots vs. Titans - 8:15 p.m. ET

Sunday, January 14

Steelers vs. Jaguars - 1:05 p.m. ET

Vikings vs. Saints - 4:40 p.m. ET