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Bud Dupree is still waiting to hear about his 5th year option with the Steelers

The former first round draft pick isn’t sure if the Steelers will be picking up his 5th year option on his rookie contract.

Baltimore Ravens v Pittsburgh Steelers

It is safe to say Bud Dupree’ season didn’t really go as planned. After spending time with pass rushing specialists this offseason, and being healthy, Dupree had high expectations placed on him both by no just the Steelers’ coaching staff, but also the fan base. Most expected Dupree to be the player who could finally break the team’s drought of not having a player register double-digit sacks in a season.

Dupree finished with six total sacks, and never missed a game.

The time is coming for the Steelers to have to make a choice on Dupree’s rookie contract. Will the team pick up his 5th year option, with him being a first round draft pick, or will they pull a Jarvis Jones and show Dupree the writing on the wall. In other words, your time in Pittsburgh is up after this year.

When Chris Adamski of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review asked Dupree about his option, this is what he had to say, “It’s definitely on my mind,” Dupree said. “I’d love to be here. But if they don’t (execute the option), I’ve just got to deal with it and (eventually) go someplace else. But I’d love to be here my whole career. I grind, they know I grind; I work hard, so I hope everything works out.”

“That fifth-year option, I would love to get it so I can be with the Steelers throughout my second contract,” Dupree said. “But I know it’s a business from both sides, so whatever happens.”

The Steelers have until May 3rd to make a final decision on Dupree, and if history shows anything, it is the Steelers don’t like to part ways with their first round draft picks after their rookie contracts.

Since 2011, when the 5th year option was instituted, here is a list of the Steelers’ top draft pick, and whether they were retained, or let walk.

2011 - Cameron Heyward (Option Picked Up)
2012 - David DeCastro (Option Picked Up)
2013 - Jarvis Jones (Option Declined)
2014 - Ryan Shazier (Option Picked Up)
2015 - Bud Dupree
2016 - Artie Burns
2017 - T.J. Watt

Dupree has started 23 of the past 24 games (including playoffs) and has 11 sacks over that period of time. He had six sacks and 40 combined tackles this season.

Dupree said it best, “We will see what’s going to happen.”

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