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NFL Playoffs: Steelers will play their Divisional Round game on Sunday 1/14

The NFL announced the dates and times for the Divisional Round matchups for both AFC and NFC teams.

NFL: Cleveland Browns at Pittsburgh Steelers Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL has their Playoff schedules set for both the AFC and NFC up until the Conference Championship games. Wild Card weekend will get underway in just a few days, but many are wondering just when the Pittsburgh Steelers will play their Divisional Round game at Heinz Field.

Check the schedule below for details on both the AFC and NFC Divisional round games, per ProFootballTalk:

The Eagles kickoff the weekend with a 4:35 p.m. ET game on Saturday, January 13 on NBC. Philadelphia will host the lowest remaining seed among New Orleans, Carolina or Atlanta. The Patriots will play the night game, which is scheduled for 8:15 p.m. ET on CBS. The lowest remaining seed among Kansas City, Tennessee and Buffalo will travel to Foxboro.

The Steelers have the 1:05 p.m. ET game on Sunday, January 14, hosting Jacksonville, Kansas City or Tennessee on CBS. Minnesota has the 4:40 p.m. ET game that day on FOX, entertaining the Rams, New Orleans or Carolina.

Steeler conspiracy theorists will say the NFL is doing the Patriots a favor, again, by having them play in the Saturday time slot. This would give them an extra day of preparation, if they were to advance to the AFC Championship game, and they could also be playing a team on a short week if the team they play out of the Wild Card round played on Sunday, then have to travel to New England for a Saturday game.

Either way, the Steelers play at 1:05 p.m. ET on January 14th, and that is all that matters.