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Todd Haley recovering from fall after Sunday’s game, will return to team sometime this week

The Steelers’ offensive coordinator was absent at the facility Tuesday due to him recovering from a fall Sunday.

NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars at Pittsburgh Steelers Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

At the Pittsburgh Steelers UPMC Rooney Practice Facility, there was a pretty big piece of the coaching staff missing Tuesday, and, no, this isn’t about Mike Munchak interviewing with the Arizona Cardinals for their head coaching position.

This is about offensive coordinator Todd Haley, who was absent from the facility Tuesday due to a fall Sunday night after the game where he was injured.

It is no secret there is a large majority of the Steelers’ fan base which is not very fond of Haley as the team’s play caller, and one can only imagine the comments, jokes and conclusions many will draw from this news.

  • Did he slip on ice?
  • Was this due to inebriation?
  • Was he thrown out of a casino?

Yeah, one could go on-and-on, but what we know now, and was confirmed by the Steelers organization, is Haley is not with the team until later this week. The players have the day off from practice Tuesday, and will return to practice on Wednesday. Both coordinators will be available to the media on Thursday, where Haley might be able to explain his medical status.


This story just got interesting. Stay tuned as more details emerge.