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Be a part of Behind the Steel Curtain, the best Steelers site on the Internet

Join our team today!!

Divisional Round - Jacksonville Jaguars v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

Have you ever been reading Steelers articles on BTSC wondering how you could possibly be a part of our team? Well, in the offseason I like to put out feelers to see if anyone is interested in joining the best Steelers website on the Internet!

We are one of SB Nation’s largest NFL sites, and our work is often connected with Google News, Apple News, Yahoo! News, Bleacher Report and others! We have over a million readers every month, including players, their agents, and members of the media.

If you are wondering what I am looking for, here are some main openings I am looking to fill:

  • Writers

BTSC is looking for writers who are willing to contribute original ideas and analysis on a weekly basis. We require authors with a strong grasp of the English language, who are self-starters needing little direction or oversight. Writing experience is not necessary, but strongly encouraged.

We are looking for all types of writers. Are you interested in news? Or do you like promoting discussion with opinion pieces? Maybe you’re a former player or coach that likes the X’s and O’s? We welcome all types of authors into the fold.

At the moment there are no paid positions available, but this could all change depending on your dedication and the quality of work done.

If you are interested, either comment in the comment section below, or email me directly -

  • Moderators

A truly thankless job. You will be in charge of monitoring all article threads to maintain order among the chaos which is the BTSC comment forum. You will have the authority to remove comments, warn members and ban them both temporarily, and permanently.

Before a member is banned, the decision must come through me so no rogue moderators decide to fulfill their own agenda among the community.

During the season there are anywhere from 8-10 articles published a day, all which will need to be moderated by the moderation team. I am looking for anywhere from 3-5 dedicated BTSC members who are willing to put in the time to make this not only the best Steelers website, but also the best community possible. Among those 3-5 people, an email chain, or some other means of communication, will be used to keep everyone in the fold as to how certain threads are being moderated, etc.

If you are interested, either comment in the comment section below, or email me directly -

  • Podcasters

Do you have some type of experience with podcasts and want to have your voice heard by more people?

I am looking for experienced podcasters/radio hosts who want to join our platform to expand our audio coverage. Since expanding our podcast platform two years ago, we have nearly half-a-million listens on our BlogTalkRadio page, and average above 30,000 listens a month, organically.

Like the writing positions, these are non-paid positions, but could see the position paid if the quality of work shows itself worthy.

However, just remember I am looking for someone with experience doing podcasts. Even if it was a small-time High School or College gig, just experience on a microphone.

If you are interested, either comment in the comment section below, or email me directly -