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Joe Haden talks about the Steelers’ handling of Ryan Shazier’s injury, Mike Tomlin and Le’Veon Bell

One of the new members of the Pittsburgh Steelers joined NFL Network to talk about his team, coach and much more.

NFL: Cleveland Browns at Pittsburgh Steelers Philip G. Pavely-USA TODAY Sports

The Pittsburgh Steelers’ offseason has started with a tremendous amount of controversy and turmoil, and since the players cleaned out their lockers there hasn’t been much noise coming from anyone within the organization, rightfully so.

However, cornerback Joe Haden visited Rich Eisen on Good Morning Football recently to talk about the state of the Steelers. Haden spoke about Le’Veon Bell’s contract situation, and how it did/didn’t impact the locker room. He spoke about Mike Tomlin being the best coach he has ever played for, and why he is the perfect man to coach Pittsburgh. But what was the most interesting was how Haden spoke about how the organization handled the Ryan Shazier injury.

Listen to Haden as he talks about how the team brought Shazier’s doctor into the facility before every team meeting to update them on the injury status of their teammate, as well as to answer questions.

A great interview with a lot of insight into the Steelers from top-to-bottom.

Check it out below: