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Report: Todd Haley is the new Cleveland Browns offensive coordinator

Get ready Cleveland, Todd Haley is coming!

Cleveland Browns v Pittsburgh Steelers

Since the Pittsburgh Steelers decided to not renew Todd Haley’s contract as their offensive coordinator, many wondered if Haley would find another gig somewhere in the NFL.

Haley has experience at almost every level of offense at the NFL level, going from wide receivers coach to coordinator and eventually head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs, and with so much experience it didn’t take him long to find a new job.

After reports swirled of Haley and the Cleveland Browns in talks about him becoming the team’s new offensive coordinator, it looks as if the two parties all but have a deal done.

Hue Jackson, the infamous leader of the 0-16 Browns of 2017, will give up play-calling duties to Haley. You have to wonder what this dynamic will be with Jackson and Haley both being coordinators, and offensive-minded individuals. It has been well-documented how Haley isn’t the best person to work with, and brings with it his share of off-field issues too, but he was able to get the Steelers’ on the right track during his stint with the team.

The first step for Haley and company will be finding a quarterback for the Browns. With the first, and fourth, overall picks in the 2018 NFL Draft, I’m sure they will add to the illustrious, and growing, lists of Browns’ quarterbacks since re-entering the NFL.