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Re-live one of the craziest Wild Card games in Steelers history

The Pittsburgh Steelers have their share of crazy playoff games, and as the NFL Playoffs wrap up Wild Card Weekend, we re-live one of the craziest games in team playoff history.

Bengals v Steelers Photo by Rick Stewart/Getty Images

While the current Pittsburgh Steelers team has the Wild Card round off, it made me wonder which Wild Card game was possibly the best in the Steelers’ storied history. Many come to mind.

2005 Wild Card win vs. the Bengals (Kimo meets Carson Palmer game)

2015 Wild Card win vs. the Bengals (Jerry Porter game)

I could go on, but when I think of the Steelers playing in crazy Wild Card games, ONE game comes to mind.

The 2002 game vs. the Cleveland Browns at Heinz Field (The FU/Kelly Holcomb game).

This is reportedly the game ‘Renegade’ was born at Heinz Field, but this is the game I will always remember as a young adult just going nuts watching the team come from behind to one of the most magical wins in my memory.

If you are old enough to remember, you can watch this game and just sit back and smile. If you weren’t alive, or too young to remember, watch this game and realize this was a remarkable win for the franchise.

No, this game didn’t lead to a Super Bowl win, but that will not taint the win, and how awesome the game was. If you don’t see the player below, click HERE.