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AFC Playoffs: Titans prove in the playoffs, you never know what will happen

With Wild Card Weekend halfway over, it is important to realize just how crazy the playoffs can be.

Wild Card Round - Tennessee Titans v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

As if you needed a reminder, the Tennessee Titans coming-from-behind to beat the Kansas City Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium illustrates just how crazy the NFL Playoffs are from top-to-bottom.

Whether it was here on our flagship podcast “The Standard is the Standard”, or who knows how many other outlets, picks and predictions were all-in on the Chiefs winning their first home playoff game since 1994. Fans were talking about how well the Chiefs match up against the New England Patriots, and the actual game itself seemed like nothing more than a formality.

Even the first half, which saw the Chiefs come out to a 21-3 lead, there never seemed to truly be a game. Then the Titans happened.

Marcus Mariota threw a touchdown pass to himself, not joking, and Andy Reid and the Chiefs went into their turtle shell, like we have seen so many times before. Next thing you know, the two coaches are shaking hands in the middle of the field, and Kansas City is officially onto the 2018 NFL Draft.

While the night cap game might not have been as head-scratching, considering the Rams certainly didn’t have the playoff resume as the former NFC Champion Falcons. However, sloppy play and untimely turnovers resulted in yet another upset.

For those counting at home, my picks for the first day of Wild Card Weekend were a whopping 0-2. Makes me wonder just what this crazy NFL has in store for Bill/Jaguars and Saints/Panthers.

My advice: Expect the unexpected, which means Steelers fans shouldn’t just be sold on the fact the Jaguars will be coming to Heinz Field in the Divisional Round, but understand it very well could be the Titans coming to the Big Ketchup Bottle.


Because in the NFL Playoffs anything is possible.