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Pittsburgh Steelers College Football Playoffs Discussion and Open Thread

Enjoy the college football action with fellow fans of the black and gold.

Notre Dame v USC Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

It is Saturday, and that means it is time for the most important slate of NCAA college football! It is finally time for the NCAA Playoffs! When you are watching, you might as well enjoy the games with fellow Pittsburgh Steelers fans.

Here are some questions which can spawn some good conversation throughout the day of action:

  • Which game(s) are you most interested in watching?
  • Any specific prospects you are keeping your eye on?
  • List some players you would like to see wearing black and gold in the future, and why?
  • And if comes down to it, feel free to just talk about the Steelers and Bengals game, and of course the Browns and Ravens coming up this Sunday!

Enjoy the college football game day!