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The NFL clearly needs to change ‘the catch’ rule, but how do they alter it?

Everyone knows the rule needs changed, but figuring out how to change the rule is the real challenge.

New England Patriots v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by Joe Sargent/Getty Images

Every single black-and-gold fan realizes the NFL needs to alter the league’s ridiculous ‘catch rule’. Pittsburgh Steelers’ head coach Mike Tomlin said the competition committee needs to revisit the rule, and team owner Art Rooney II echoed those sentiments recently.

“I’m for looking at the rule,” Rooney said this week. “There should be a change.”

“I think the Jesse James play was actually called the right way. That’s the way the rule reads,” Rooney said. “But I don’t think that should be the rule. I think he had possession of that ball, reached into the end zone and had possession when he was reaching in. If he was a running back, that would have been a touchdown.

”I just think having consistency in the way plays are officiated like that, I think we have room to improve.”

Again, all of Steelers Nation agrees with Rooney, but the challenge here isn’t stating the rules needs change, but pinpointing that change. So, I ask you, the fans, what you would change with ‘the catch’ rule? Would you scrap the entire rule, or adapt some changes to the current rule?

Let us know in the comment section below! But now time for the black-and-gold news outside the walls of BTSC...

The NFL community remains largely polarized on the subject of the dynastic New England Patriots and if the instances the league has sanctioned then for cheating are legitimate or merely sour grapes.

Apparently, the Philadelphia Eagles decided to err on the side of caution.

The Eagles’ day-before-game practice session in advance of Super Bowl LII last week “was just a complete fake walkthrough,” Philadelphia’s long snapper, Rick Lovato,said during an interview with WDAE radio in Tampa .

Throughout the season, teams meet for a light practice session the day before a game in which pads aren’t worn and plays typically are practiced at no more than half-speed. While these usually occur at a team’s home facility — they will travel for road games after completing the workout — during the Super Bowl, these are held at the stadium.

Over the past quarter-century, it’s been arguably the most high-profile defensive position on a franchise that’s associated with defense: outside linebacker.

But the Steelers face quite a few decisions at outside linebacker going forward.

Of the four players at the position who finished the season on the Steelers’ 53-man roster, three are free agents and another is due a huge contract option to be exercised for 2019.

”Truly, at the end of the day it could and may only be me and T.J. (Watt) left in the room (in 2018),” Bud Dupree said. “So we will have to see what is going on.”

Veteran Steelers cornerback William Gay was invited by Joe Biden to join the advisory council for the former vice president’s foundation.

According to a story published on the ESPN website The Undefeated , Gay accepted an invitation to join a prominent group of leaders, experts and advocates who have been selected to serve as ambassadors for the Biden Foundation, guiding strategic partnerships to create societal change.

Gay’s role will be focused on ending sexual assault and violence against women, among other causes. The 33-year-old, 11-year NFL veteran lost his mother to murder by her boyfriend when Gay was 8 years old.