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NFL Competition Committee targets some serious changes heading into the new league year

The NFL Competition Committee is looking at making some minor, and also major, changes heading into 2018-2019.

NFL: Super Bowl LII-Commissioner Roger Goodell Press Conference Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL Competition Committee knew they would have some tough discussions this offseason, especially after such a controversial season with the league’s “Catch Rule”. Nonetheless, according to Judy Battista, the committee is looking at several changes to the league rules before the 2018-2019 year officially gets underway.

What could be called the “Jesse James Rule” would likely mean after a receiver has caught the football and gets two feet on the ground, he has completed the catch. It would simplify things for fans, officials and players, but also make the game itself a much cleaner product.

The less controversy the better.

But clarifying, and updating the “Catch Rule” aren’t the only changes which are being discussed.

If last season was known for the controversial catch/non-catch calls, it also could have been remembered for the ridiculous fights which took place. Most would agree there is absolutely no place for this in the game, and the committee looking into more ejections could be just what the doctor ordered to curb some of this extra curricular stuff going on.

What intrigued me the most was the talk about changing defensive pass interference from a spot foul to a standard 15-yard penalty. This is how the NCAA calls the penalty, and it would make sense the NFL would follow suit.

One member of the Pittsburgh Steelers defense, Vince Williams, is certainly in favor of the change:

The flip side to the celebration of the “heave and pray” style offense known by so many quarterbacks, like Joe Flacco, is how this rule change would also make it easier for defenders to be physical with receivers. If there is a deep pass down the sideline, interfering on purpose, knowing it would only be a spot foul, will certainly be something players will do to skirt the intent of the rule.

The last piece of news from the competition committee is how they want to change the way teams can, or cannot, hire coaches when their teams are still in the playoffs.

If the change is made, you might as well call this the “Josh McDaniels Rule”.

There are other concerns the Competition Committee will be addressing, and these changes will be announced before the league year starting in early March.