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Ryan Shazier took in a Penguins game, and took part in his own standing ovation

The injured Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker took in a Penguins game, and what happened next was pretty awesome.

NFL: NOV 12 Steelers at Colts Photo by Zach Bolinger/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The story of Ryan Shazier goes beyond the Pittsburgh Steelers. The entire city, and fan base, has rallied around No. 50, and the term ‘Shalieve’ has become a household term used for the black-and-gold faithful.

Since being discharged from UPMC, and several reports circulating about his overall progress, Shazier and his family took in the Pittsburgh Penguins game Tuesday night vs. the Las Vegas Golden Knights. During the game the Penguins announced Shazier’s attendance, and as the crowd gave him a standing ovation, Shazier...well...just see for yourself:

This the first time since being injured in Cincinnati on Monday Night Football the general public has seen Shazier stand up, and what a sight it was. Everyone here at BTSC, and around the globe, who has been talking about Shazier’s injury has all said the same thing:

“Football is not even the main thought. Living a normal life is what is of pinnacle importance.”

Sure, he was assisted when standing, but that is a far cry from where he was just a few months ago. This was great to see, and we here at BTSC continue to “SHALIEVE”!!