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Analyzing the Steelers current salary cap situation before the new league year

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The Pittsburgh Steelers don’t have much money to spend on free agency, and that is because of the team’s lack of salary cap space. Time to see where they are after another contract restructure Tuesday.

Pittsburgh Steelers v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Karl Walter/Getty Images

Well Pittsburgh Steelers fans, it has been a very busy day around the NFL as teams are gearing up for the new league year which starts March 14. While other teams have been signing players during the legal tampering period, or making big trades that take effect after 4 p.m. ET, the Steelers have been signing their own players and re-tooling contracts. All NFL teams have to be cap compliant once the new league years starts.

Notable contracts that have been reworked and players who have been extended offers.

Stephon Tuitt: Restructure

David DeCastro: Restructure

Antonio Brown: Restructure

Alejandro Villanueva: Restructure

Chris Boswell: 2nd round RFA tender

Anthony Chickillo: Original round tender RFA tender

Le’Veon Bell: Exclusive Rights franchise tag

Boswell, Bell, and Chickillo have not been reported to have signed their tenders, but their contracts do count against the salary cap.

Current cap space: $681,015

2017 carryover is included, any dead money, along with projection that the cap should rise. (At the time of writing this Over the Cap was not accounting for Villanueva’s re-worked deal.)

What is not included:

William Gay: He has not officially been released, but is expected. ($1.75 million cap savings.)

Mike Mitchell: He has not officially been released but it is expected. ($5 million cap savings.)

New free agents: Steelers have holes to fill, will the fixes come via free agency?

Seven draft picks: $5.58 million

52nd and 53rd players.: $1.1 million minimum.

10-man taxi squad: $1.4 million (estimated)

The 2019 carryover: $3.5 million (estimated)

OTA per diem: $250,000 (estimated)

Steelers GM Kevin Colbert and his right-hand man Omar Khan have been earning their money the past couple of months. More moves will have to be made just to take care of the offseason needs. There are still a number of big names available via free agency and other castoffs that have not been announced by other teams. The black-and-gold will need to work more of their magic if they want to be players for players who are left.

Who do you feel is still waiting for the ax to fall? Who is still on your wish list for the Steelers to sign?