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Two Steelers get some extra cash due to performance-based pay from the 2017 season

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It pays to be good...literally.

NFL: Cleveland Browns at Pittsburgh Steelers Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

It pays to be good in the National Football League.

This statement is true for anyone. Look at a player like Chris Hubbard. He waited patiently on the Pittsburgh Steelers’ depth chart, and eventually turned his solid play in Marcus Gilbert’s absence into a nice new contract with the Cleveland Browns.

Free Agency is a cash out for a lot of players, but also for those who are still under contract and out-perform their current deals — they get paid as well.

Two members of the Steelers saw some extra compensation headed their way due to out performing their current deals with the team. This from Mark Kaboly of The Athletic:

Cornerback Mike Hilton earned an extra $327 thousand dollars after his breakout season in 2017, and tight end Jesse James received an extra $378 thousand not just on performance, but also the fact he is considered a veteran at this point in his young career.

Kudos to these two players for doing enough to get some extra money in their pockets. Both will have big seasons ahead of them in 2018. Hilton signed a one-year contract this offseason, and will likely want to turn that into a long-term deal somewhere in the NFL, preferably Pittsburgh. James enters the last year of his rookie contract, and he too will want to perform well hopes of getting a new contract after the 2018 campaign.

Stay tuned to BTSC for the latest on this news, and other reports, surrounding the black-and-gold heading into free agency and the NFL Draft.