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Newly acquired Morgan Burnett and Cameron Sutton have unique bond

The unique bond between Burnett and Sutton goes beyond the Steelers and the NFL.

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers at Houston Texans Erik Williams-USA TODAY Sports

NFL ties between players can be very interesting to track. Sometimes players come from the same hometown, possibly the same high school, have been rivals along the way or even attended the same college/university.

No matter the route, you will often find these ties go beyond their current employer.

This could certainly be true between the Pittsburgh Steelers’ second year cornerback Cameron Sutton, and newly acquired safety Morgan Burnett. The two never played together at any stop along the way, but they have a unique connection.

Burnett’s older brother, Cap, coached both Morgan and Cam in High School. On top of that, Cam was a regular attendee at Morgan’s annual football camp.

“We have a good relationship,” Burnett told Jacob Klinger of PennLive. “And our home town, we don’t have too many people come out of our hometown so I’m very proud and very supportive, especially with us being on the same team now.”

Sutton was also extremely excited when the news broke of Burnett’s signing. He posted this on his official Twitter page:

As you can imagine, Burnett has had a crazy few days since being courted, and signing, by the Steelers, but he certainly is planning on reaching out to Sutton when things calm down.

“There was so much going on in my head, but I’ll definitely give him a call today.” Burnett said.

For Sutton, going from a kid at Burnett’s football camp to being his teammate has to be a surreal experience, but the two will certainly make a tremendous tandem in the back end of the Steelers’ defensive secondary.

Both will have a lot of motivation to play well. Not just to win a championship, but for Sutton to put his injury-riddled rookie season behind him, and Burnett to show the Packers just what they are missing by letting him test the free agent market — finding his way to the Steel City.

The Steelers’ secondary is transforming with the dismissal of Robert Golden, Mike Mitchell and William Gay, and thankfully for the better.