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NFL Competition Committee prepared to recommend changes to the ‘Catch Rule’

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The NFL has caught a lot of flack over their ‘Catch Rule’, and the NFL Competition Committee is determined to make it right.

NFL: New England Patriots at Pittsburgh Steelers Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Ask any fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers which series of events made their blood pressure raise the most throughout the 2017 season, and the answer would likely be the non-catch call on Jesse James vs. the New England Patriots which altered the team’s playoff positioning.

This isn’t to bring up those type of arguments again, but to state how the NFL Competition Committee is starting to make steps towards fixing the controversial ‘Catch Rule’. Al Riveron, the league’s Senior Vice President of Officiating, posted a video on his verified Twitter account as to what type of catches the league is going to target:

The Competition Committee met, and came up with the following proposal which will have to be passed by NFL owners before officially being put into place:

In other words, these two plays would now be considered a catch:

Now that I’ve officially ruined your morning, the hope is you didn’t spit a hot beverage all over your computer screen. The good aspect of all this is it seems the NFL is doing their best to make things right. If it looks like a catch, then it is a catch.

The next step is for the owners to pass the rule into effect.