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Free Agency Power Rankings show the Steelers didn’t fare as bad as many think

The Pittsburgh Steelers are hardly active in NFL Free Agency, but they also know what they are doing.

Cleveland Browns v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by Joe Sargent/Getty Images

So many fans don’t give Kevin Colbert and the Pittsburgh Steelers’ front office credit when it comes to their activity in free agency. No, they aren’t big spenders, but they are continually successful with their approach.

It is rather simple, when you think about it:

  • Sit out the first wave of free agency, ensuring you won’t overspend on any particular player.
  • Have a good group of players in mind you want to sign.
  • When the initial wave calms, pull the trigger on team-friendly deals to fill holes on the roster.

The Steelers have bucked this trend a few times, when they signed players like Ladarius Green and Mike Mitchell on the first day of free agency, but their usual stance on this free agent frenzy is to simply wait it out. It isn’t like they have enough cap space to actually sign big-name players, but that is an entirely different discussion for a different day.

So, how do the Steelers rank among the other 31 NFL teams in regard to their activity, or lack thereof, throughout the still young Free Agency period?

Not as bad as you may think.

SB Nation released a Free Agency Power Rankings list, and when I first read through the list I scanned all the way to the bottom, expecting to see the Steelers near the basement. Turns out, the Steelers might not have done as poorly as many believed.

Check out the list:

1. Cleveland Browns
2. Philadelphia Eagles
3. Minnesota Vikings
4. New York Jets
5. Los Angeles Rams
6. New England Patriots
7. Chicago Bears
8. Houston Texans
9. New Orleans Saints
10. Denver Broncos
11. Pittsburgh Steelers
“The Steelers will pay a whole lot of money to keep Le’Veon Bell around for at least another season, but the most important part of that franchise tag isn’t the amount, it’s Bell’s talent: he’s really, really good. They also released Mike Mitchell, replacing him with a quality safety in Morgan Burnett, and brought in versatile linebacker Jon Bostic. They remain a strong team going into 2018.”

I realize Power Rankings are meaningless, but they are also great for starting discussion. For instance, why would the Patriots, who lost a lot of free agents, be considered to be 5 spots ahead of the Steelers. Especially when the Steelers added some key pieces to an already solid roster?

If you want to check out the complete Power Rankings, with explanations for the selection, you can access the full article HERE.

Let the debate begin!