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Sean Davis joins Joe Haden with a new number for the 2018 season

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The Pittsburgh Steelers secondary will have a new look next year, literally.

NFL: Cleveland Browns at Pittsburgh Steelers Philip G. Pavely-USA TODAY Sports

Make sure you have a roster handy for the start of the Pittsburgh Steelers 2018 preseason. No, not because there are so many no-name players on an NFL 90-man roster, but because almost half of the Steelers’ secondary has changed their numbers heading into the new league year.

After Joe Haden abandoned the No. 21, which he purchased from Robert Golden, for Mike Mitchell’s vacated No. 23, it seems safety Sean Davis is joining in the number fun by changing his own jersey digits.

Yes, that’s right.

Davis, formerly No. 28, has now changed his number to 21...the same number worn by Haden last year and Golden before him.

According to several reports, Davis is doing this in honor of the late Sean Taylor, who wore No. 21, but he couldn’t get the number in his first two seasons due to veterans occupying the number.

At this point, what would be truly frustrating would be if the team brings back Robert Golden, and he wears No. 28.

Talk about confusing.

Nonetheless, with the massive amount of turnover on NFL rosters every year, new names and numbers are part of the territory.