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Watch Steelers scout Mark Gorscak motivate the LBs at the Combine by talking about Ryan Shazier

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This will make you experience all the feels.

NFL: AFC Divisional Playoff-Jacksonville at Pittsburgh Steelers Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

While the story of injured Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker Ryan Shazier has moved off the hot stove and to the back burner for the national NFL media, it was given a new life Sunday when Steelers scout Mark Gorscak not only donned the Ryan Shazier inspired “Shalieve” t-shirt to run the 40-yard dash drill, but also to motivate the linebackers by talking about Shazier.

Check this out:

If that wasn’t enough to get your blood pumping and make you feel like you could run the 40-yard dash right now, then Shazier’s quotes after talking to NFL Network’s Rich Eisen certainly will lift your spirits.

“I’m feeling great. I’m getting a lot better,” Shazier said. “Every day is a challenge, but every day I promise you it’s getting better. We have rehab four times a week. I do it two hours a day. Every day is a new journey and I’m constantly getting better.”

“My end goal is to allow the Lord to let me come back and play at the high level that I was before,” Shazier said. “Every day I try to get better. I strive for the Hall of Fame and I was doing that through this year, the whole time I was playing. And I still do that while I’m doing rehab. I know it’s still a possibility. I have the Lord and he has my back and I constantly feel I’m going to come back and play football.”

“In any situation in life people always say, ‘dang, why did I have to go through this? I love the game so much. I love what I’m doing so much.’ But honestly, I probably asked that one time,” Shazier admitted. “It was probably with my family members. When it first happened, I was like, ‘dang, this a tough situation. Why [did] I have to go through this?’ Everybody knows that injuries [are] a part of football. It just threw me off. Once I said that, I just talked to the Lord. I knew that he had something for me and he wanted me to lead more people to God. And that’s the calling that he has me doing right now and I’ll just continue to get better.”

Shazier is progressing through his rehabilitation, but what might be more impressive than his physical state is his mental toughness. Shazier has shown remarkable perspective throughout this entire ordeal, and Gorscak put it best when talking to the linebackers:

“One thing I know about Ryan Shazier,” Gorscak said, “I ain’t betting against him coming back.”

Just gotta Shalieve!