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Report: Steelers expected to release Mike Mitchell; could bring him back with new deal

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The news most Steelers fans have been waiting to hear.

NFL: Minnesota Vikings at Pittsburgh Steelers Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

There are some stories you know are going to happen, and some which the fan base is longing to have happen. The report of NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport stating the Steelers are expected to release Mike Mitchell next week at the start of the new league year would fall under both categories.

According to Rapoport, with a hefty $5 million dollar salary, the team will release Mitchell, but before fans rejoice in the streets it is worth noting the team could be interested in bringing him back, at a lower rate.

That is, if Mitchell agrees to come back at a lower price.

If the Steelers do release Mitchell, he will be able to field phone calls from 31 other NFL teams, and if someone gives him top dollar, he very well could take the money and run. Not that many fans would be disappointed with this news, but there is also a chance Mitchell wants to stay in Pittsburgh and would gladly take less money to do so.

Either way, the expected release of Mitchell could be coming as early as next week. Stay tuned to BTSC for the latest on this story, and other news surrounding the black-and-gold.