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James Harrison welcomes Le’Veon Bell to official “villain” status with Steelers fans

Le’Veon Bell is claiming he is the newest villain for Steelers fans to hate, and James Harrison says welcome to the club.

NFL: AFC Wild Card-Miami Dolphins at Pittsburgh Steelers Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

A lot has been written, and said, about Le’Veon Bell’s cryptic message on social media about being a villain to Pittsburgh Steelers fans across the globe.

In a social media message, Bell posted on Twitter and Instagram how “It is hard to be a hero in a city that paints you as a villain.”

When James Harrison saw this, he had a short, poignant response:

”Welcome to the city”

Photo courtesy of TribLive:

Harrison certainly knows about how the fan base can turn on you. Harrison, a Steelers legend in his own right due to his Super Bowl 43 heroics and being the all-time sack leader, saw his legacy forever tarnished in the recent memory of the fan base after his release by the team saw him end up with the New England Patriots in Super Bowl 52.

The Patriots’ loss certainly helped ease the pain for black-and-gold fans, but when it comes to Harrison and Bell, they are two peas in the same pod when it comes to how the fan base views them.

With that said, it makes you wonder how both of these phenomenal players will be viewed by Steelers fans when all is said and done. When Harrison is asked back for a Super Bowl 43 reunion, will he be booed or cheered? If Bell decides to play elsewhere, if he leaves via free agency, would his return to Heinz Field be filled with jeers or cheers?

Only time will tell, but the angst of the fan base certainly is something which Harrison and Bell now have in common as the 2018 season approaches.