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Steelers Fantasy Football: Who to start and sit in Week 2 vs. Baltimore Ravens

Points are typically at a premium in this AFC-North rivalry, but there are some Pittsburgh Steelers that deserve a start on your fantasy team in week two, and some that deserve a spot on the bench.

Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Baltimore Ravens screams 'defense', but in 2014 that theme could change dramatically. Both teams are experiencing a massive amount of turnover on the defensive side of the ball, and that could equate to a game with more scoring than fans are accustomed to in this rivalry.

Starting your Week 2 fantasy matchup with solid performances goes a long way in terms of how you play the rest of your team when Sunday rolls around. Here are the Steelers you should start and avoid heading into the Ravens game on Thursday night.

Start 'em

Le'Veon Bell - Bell has not only proven that he'll get the bulk of carries, but the simple fact that he's a dual threat out of the backfield makes him a must-start for your fantasy team. Bell is almost guaranteed to get you more than 100 yards in total offense, and if he has a performance comparable to Week 1 against the Cleveland Browns, he very well could be over 200 yards. Bell played well against the Ravens as a rookie in 2013, gaining nearly 100 yards on the ground in both contests. Bell's versatility alone makes him a must-start for Week 2.

Heath Miller - Miller experienced a quiet Week 1 against the Browns, but with injuries to Dri Archer and Lance Moore, you can expect Miller's snap count to increase this week. Miller is Roethlisberger's favorite red-zone target and is a crucial part of the team's third-down plans. Miller might not rack up the yardage, but he should be good for a few red-zone targets that could equal quality points for your fantasy team from the tight end position.

Shaun Suisham - Although Steelers fans would rather see Suisham chipping in extra points, that's rarely the case against the Ravens. Suisham has been called upon to make some big kicks in big games against the Steelers' AFC nemesis and he very well could be in that situation again Thursday night. Suisham has made 13 of 14 field goal attempts against the Ravens in his career, and those numbers suggest that, in a game potentially filled with field goals, Suisham is your man.

Avoid 'em

Steelers Defense/Special Teams - The Steelers' defensive performance against the Browns in the second half is ultimately why I wouldn't be starting this unit for Week 2. The Ravens run the ball well, and Joe Flacco has burned the Steelers on more than one occasion. The Steelers will most likely give up yardage as well as points against the Ravens, but whether those points are in the form of field goals or touchdowns could break your fantasy team's back in Week 2. Leave the Steelers' D and special teams on the bench this week.

Markus Wheaton - As great as Wheaton was last week in the win against the Browns, he certainly could come back down to earth in Week 2. The Ravens secondary is solid, and Wheaton very well could be seeing what happens when a receiver makes a defense take notice. Wheaton won't see as much single-coverage as he did last week, and that will only open up opportunities for other receivers. Wheaton should have his touches in this game, but I'd bet they aren't exceptional.

Gamble Pick

Because I'm feeling generous, I decided to throw in an extra pick for some that might be looking for a spark from their bench that could pay dividends in their lineup.

LeGarrette Blount - Blount scored a touchdown against the Browns and has been slotted as the goal-line back for the Steelers. If you know anything about this rivalry, you know the Steelers and Ravens typically have some great goal-line stands. If the Steelers get inside the 10, look for Blount to get the ball and potentially put up some Jerome Bettis-type fantasy statistics (e.g. five rushes for 20 yards and two touchdowns). This wouldn't be a bad move if you're in a large league and rosters are thin across the board.