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Steelers vs. Ravens first half open thread

Steelers at Ravens. This is what it's about.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

So far, with the propaganda run by the NFL's PR department running all over CBS's coverage of this game, we've learned: 1.) It's perfectly fine for Roger Goodell to have not seen the video. As long as he didn't lie about actually having done his job, his lack of desire to do what he's paid to do is acceptable. 2.) The PR people within the league are far more intelligent than those employed (for now) by the Baltimore Ravens. 3.) Steve Bisciotti should have been in The Sopranos.

Anyway...let's watch football.

Steelers at Ravens. The first game between two teams looking to identify themselves in 2014, and perhaps longer down the road than that. It's really difficult to determine how this will play out, but winning in Baltimore isn't an easy thing to do. The Steelers have done it before, and with perhaps a less-talented offense. Can they get it together tonight?

While we're finding that out, let's please remember to be respectful tonight. We understand the weight of this game and how that's been incredibly magnified due to events in the league. In the end, this is supposed to be fun entertainment. Let's keep that in mind.

Stick around after the game, we'll have the recap and Winners and Losers posted soon afterward. Let's hope it's a good one.

(p.s. the only early pictures filed so far are of a bunch of cheap, lazy morons wearing Ray Rice jerseys with smiles on their faces, so we chose a picture of a player who didn't punch his wife in a casino elevator.)