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Terrell Suggs ignites Steelers vs. Ravens rivalry

Leave it to 'T-Sizzle' to remind everyone that the Pittsburgh Steelers and Baltimore Ravens kick off another chapter in this great rivalry Thursday night.

Gregory Shamus

It may not be earth-shattering news that Terrell Suggs of the Baltimore Ravens is talking. After all, that's one attribute he's best known for. Suggs did everyone a favor today while talking to the Pittsburgh media by reminding fans and players that there is a big game coming up Thursday night.

Suggs worked out with several ex-Steelers this off-season, notably Ryan Clark, LaMarr Woodley and James Harrison, and supposedly got "classified info" on quarterback Ben Roethlisberger. Give Suggs credit, he knows how to ruffle feathers.

If Suggs truly needs "classified info" on Roethlisberger, then he would have literally forgotten the numerous occasions where he and Roethlisberger went head to head throughout their careers.

To take it one step further, Suggs mentions how he preferred the rivalry with the Steelers when the teams were more basic and less schematic. Those classic, hard-hitting games typically would end up being a wonderful display of field goal kicking. Suggs longs for the days of north-south running and seven-step quarterback drops that would allow him to come off the edge with a purpose.

But the Steelers' offensive mindset has changed with the no-huddle offense, and that change nullifies players like Suggs and his ability to change the game on any given snap.

Terrell Suggs is one of the more disliked players among the Steelers' fan base, but you have to appreciate what he brings to a rivalry as great as Steelers vs. Ravens.