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Pittsburgh Steelers Coaching Staff

The Steelers offense isn’t just frustrating; it’s boring

It’s time for Matt Canada to leave the building, or there might be some fans who leave first.

Varsity & JV: Winners & losers from the Steelers lopsided loss to the Texans

Who impressed and and who failed to show up in Week 4?

Matt Canada insanely shares with CBS broadcast crew that Steelers offense ‘not quite built’ for comebacks

Ah, ok, gotcha. That makes sense!

Knee-jerk analysis: Steelers need to make severe changes after getting bodied by Texans

It’s time for severe change for the Steelers

Steelers’ Mike Tomlin: ‘Hell yeah, we’ve gotta make some changes’

Terrible Towel Tales: Colin Cowherd says TRADE Watt and Pickens

Steelers news and commentary for Friday, September 30

If you think the Steelers’ offensive play calling looked wildly different in Week 3, that’s because it was

WARNING: Conspiracy theory alert. Proceed with caution.

The Steelers need a new OC... where should they start?

Surprise! There’s a viable option worth considering inside the building.

Steelers OC Matt Canada has a bad case of ‘Coach Brain’

Matt Canada is his own worst enemy.

Steelers’ Kenny Pickett says the team couldn’t hear fan chants to fire OC Matt Canada

"Liar!" says literally every fan around the world, who heard these chants from the crowd from their couches.

Former Steelers HC Buddy Parker one step closer to Pro Football Hall of Fame

Parker coached 8 of his 15 seasons with the Steelers from 1957 through 1964.

Even Cam Heyward thinks the Steelers are running a ‘very vanilla’ offense

The Pittsburgh Steelers are keeping things simple on offense during training camp so far.

If I were the Steelers offensive coordinator in 2023…

Here are some new plays and wrinkles would you throw into the offense, if I were OC a day.

Ronde Barber discusses Steelers HC Mike Tomlin as a pivotal part of his success ahead of HOF induction

Each of Barber’s All-Pro seasons came during Tomlin’s tenure as the Bucs defensive backs coach.

Matt Canada signs toilet seat for a fan at training camp

Viral moment shows Canada is in on the joke. Props!

Mike Tomlin ‘hasn’t even thought’ about new contract

Mike Tomlin has two years left on his deal with the Pittsburgh Steelers, but he isn’t focusing on his job future.

Steelers officially announce the hiring of Aaron Curry as linebackers coach

After it was rumored over the weekend Curry was joining the coaching staff, the Steelers have formally announced the hiring.

Steelers are expected to name Eddie Faulkner of N.C. State as their new RB coach

The Steelers next running back coach will be Jaylen Samuels’ former position coach at college according to multiple reports.

Steelers add Joey Porter to coaching staff

Porter had previous coaching stints with the Steelers as an intern and with Colorado State.

Challenge for Saxon isn't just with Bell

Adrian Peterson was clearly the unquestioned back, just like Le'Veon Bell will be in 2014. But what Saxon can do to develop those behind Bell may be his biggest challenge as the Steelers' running backs coach.

This stream has:

Steelers hire a new RB coach

In what turns out to be an interesting swap, running backs coach Kirby Wilson left Pittsburgh for the same position with the Vikings, while James Saxon is coming to the Steelers from Minnesota.

Richard Sherman and the NFL culture of respect

in which the author explores the quaint old-fashioned notion of sportsmanship and why it seems to be lacking in these degenerate days...

Ravens to interview Wilson for OC position

Division rival Baltimore will interview Steelers running backs coach Kirby Wilson for its open offensive coordinator job left by Jim Caldwell, who is now the head coach of the Detroit Lions.

Butler will stay in Pittsburgh

Steelers defensive coordinator-in-waiting Keith Butler will not accept a position under Ken Whisenhunt in Tennessee, choosing to remain in Pittsburgh for "undisclosed reasons."

Roos showed full support of Munchak

Michael Roos, one of the game's best left tackles over the past six seasons, endorsed Titans coach Mike Munchak before the Titans fired him after an 8-8 season. What Roos said about him should indicate strong reasons why he should be hired.

Haley could find himself a head coach in 2015

He has his supporters and his detractors, but if Todd Haley leads the Steelers to an output on the level of their final nine games, he could find himself landing an interview.

Butler mentioned as possibility for Titans DC job

It's not rare Butler, the longstanding DC-In-Waiting of the Steelers, is mentioned in connection with a job opportunity elsewhere. It just isn't logical to think he'd leave now, considering the amount of offers he's declined in the past.

Steelers to interview Sarrett

Assistant offensive line coach Shaun Sarrett allegedly was maintaining many of the team's offensive line coach responsibilities over the second half of the year. He'll get a chance to discuss the position on a full-time basis.

Bill Cowher coaching tree looks to grow even more

Former secondary coach Ray Horton and former offensive coordinator Ken Whisenhunt look to spread Bill Cowher's coaching tree even further with potential head coaching jobs of their own this offseason.

Munchak to talk to Penn State, looking for work

If the former Titans head coach doesn't end up as Penn State's next head coach, the Steelers would be wise to give him a call regarding their open offensive line coach position.

Ray Brown worked for Sean Kugler from 2008-09

With a not-so-close connection to the team, it appears Brown's experience in 2010 with the San Francisco 49ers, helping mold two rookies taken in the first round, make him a viable candidate for the Steelers' open offensive line coach position.

Haley is safe, nothing on defensive coaches

All the news about coaching changes in Pittsburgh so far this offseason have surrounded the offensive staff, little floating around about the defensive coaches.

Steelers coaches: Tough to predict any moves

Given the transient and incestuous nature of the coaching profession, it seems every position coach is in line for a new job with every other staff change around the NFL.

Mike Tomlin apologizes, but not for what you think

Some of the worst singing you'll ever hear, along with other rants in preparation for Pittsburgh's Week 17 game against Cleveland.

LeBeau wants to be back in 2014

The Steelers have stuck to a general message over the years; if Dick LeBeau wants to continue coaching, he will continue on as the Steelers defensive coordinator.

Character (Ac)Counts: Steelers Coach Mike Tomlin

In which the author makes a case for the man Tomlin has shown himself to be throughout the years, and wonders at the ease with which Steeler Nation suddenly seems prepared to believe otherwise...


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