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Pittsburgh Steelers Commentary

Give. George. Pickens. the. dang. ball.

Other NFL teams are force-feeding their best players; the Steelers should do likewise

Mike Tomlin on Steelers’ lost mojo: ‘I didn’t mean it’

Tomlin appeases the media with a buzzword.

Ben Roethlisberger, Jerome Bettis say Patriots ‘cheated’ in 2004 AFC Championship

The two linked up this week on Ben Roethlisberger’s Footbahlin’ podcast.

8 overreactions from the Steelers’ 23-18 win over the Raiders

8 takeaways (...or maybe just overreactions) following the Steelers’ victory over Las Vegas on Sunday Night Football.

Steelers punter Pressley Harvin III was an X-factor in Sunday Night’s win

This player was key to their second win.

Steelers want OC Matt Canada work in ‘more prominent role’ with Kenny Pickett

Raiders’ Josh McDaniels has nothing but respect for Steelers HC Mike Tomlin

"These are the kind of games - this is what you do it for, great opponent, two great organizations," Las Vegas Raiders coach Josh McDaniels said on facing the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Steelers keys to victory vs. Raiders: Coaches, players, offense and defense need to talk

Can Pittsburgh win two in a row?

Josh McDaniels reveals plan vs. T.J. Watt

"Yeah, I mean, great players demand obviously a lot of attention," Las Vegas Raiders coach Josh McDaniels said about Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker T.J. Watt.

Wackiest moments in the Steelers Week 2 win over the Browns

With all the goofy goings-on that occurred Monday night, what craziness stood out as the most zany?

7 overreactions from the Steelers’ 26-22 win over the Cleveland Browns

7 takeaways (...or maybe just overreactions) following the Steelers’ chaos-filled victory on Monday Night Football.

Tomlin responds to Canada chants: ‘We want [the fans] to be fat, sassy and spoiled’

Mike Tomlin delivers an all-timer in Tuesday’s presser.

Steelers’ Mike Tomlin: ‘We’re not gonna apologize for winning’

Steelers only team in the league yet to produce a first down in the first quarter

It’s been a brutal start for the Steelers offense, Kenny Pickett, and Matt Canada.

Every week come more reminders of why trading Chase Claypool to the Bears was ACES

Browns’ Deshaun Watson praises ‘Defensive Player of the Year’ Steelers’ T.J. Watt

Deshaun Watson and the Cleveland Browns face off against T.J. Watt and the Pittsburgh Steelers on Monday Night Football.

Steelers stock watch: Who’s rising, falling heading into Week 2

6 positives the Steelers can build upon following their abysmal Week 1 loss

The Steelers Week 1 loss may have felt at first like an unmitigated disaster, but there were a few positives that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Where Steelers fans are falling on Caleb Williams desirability index ahead of Week 2

After the disaster that was Kenny Pickett in Week 1, where are we at on the Caleb Williams desirability index?

Will Cam Heyward’s injury have the same impact on the Steelers defense as Watt’s in 2022?

The star’s injury will have impact, but how much so?

Antonio Brown hints at wanting a Steelers reunion... Don’t count on that happening

No. Just... no.

Mike Tomlin on Steelers Week 1 loss: ‘We stunk up the joint’

Step 1: Own it. Step 2: Fix it.

BTSC poll: Rate your Steelers fandom

How did you handle the Steelers loss to the 49ers?

Reality Check: Steelers have time to turn it around after abysmal Week 1 performance

It might not not be as bad as it feels, Steelers fans.

Mike Tomlin delivers stern message after being “kicked in the teeth” by 49ers

Mike Tomlin suffered his worst opening loss as Steelers head coach against the 49ers.

Steelers fans laugh through the pain of worst Week 1 ever

Ok, it might not have been the worst Week 1 ever. But it sure does feel like it.

T.J. Watt reveals reason behind loss vs. 49ers

Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker T.J. Watt believes he knows why the team lost to the San Francisco 49ers.

‘The miscues need to get fixed — quick,” Steelers Kenny Pickett says after Week 1 loss

Instant analysis: Steelers paint a canvas of mistakes in season-opening loss to 49ers

It was an afternoon of embarrassment for the Steelers to begin their season.

The Steelers hadn’t done a single thing right to start the first half... until the two-minute drill

Steelers Week 1 wishlist vs. 49ers

Dear Santa…

DeMarvin Leal ‘feels more confident’ as season begins

DeMarvin Leal feels a lot better than he did a year ago with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

T.J. Watt ‘excited’ for opener vs. 49ers

T.J. Watt is making his Pittsburgh Steelers return against the San Francisco 49ers.

Browns tried to recruit former Steeler Javon Hargrave, but he knew better

There are just some lines you don’t cross, and Hargrave knew it. Now that’s respect.

Power Rankings: Where’s Pittsburgh ahead of Week 1?

The Pittsburgh Steelers have a lot of unknowns surrounding them going into the season.

Mike Tomlin talks Christian McCaffrey, injury updates ahead of Week 1


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