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Steelers depth chart: Martavis Bryant backing up Antonio Brown

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The rookie fourth round pick went from healthy scratch to third receiver in a powerful Steelers passing attack.

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Steelers wide receiver Martavis Bryant has moved up to the back-up spot behind Antonio Brown on the Steelers' depth chart heading into their Week 17 game against the Cincinnati Bengals.

Bryant has 25 catches for 528 yards and seven touchdowns in nine games this season, pushing his star even higher. The fourth round pick out of Clemson came with great expectations this season, although initial thoughts were he wouldn't see the field often as his incredible natural athleticism outweighed his technical skill by a wide margin.

The Steelers haven't asked Bryant to do much, but he's done all of it well. It's clear every time he steps on the field Ben Roethlisberger will hit him deep if he sees single-high safety coverage with an off-cover cornerback facing him. Leon Hall of the Cincinnati Bengals - the Steelers' Week 17 opponents - saw that first-hand in Week 14 when Bryant burned him for a 95-yard touchdown strike.

Where he sits on the depth chart is minor in comparison to the amount of snaps a game he gets. Those snaps have increased as Bryant has improved in his route-running. He ran a strong slant route in the red zone against the Chiefs, drawing a holding penalty as he broke to the inside. He's run that slant successfully a few times in his last few games, and it appears to be an emerging weapon for him and the Steelers' offense.