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Mason Rudolph says Steelers want to re-sign him

Rudolph is set to hit free agency this offseason

Pittsburgh Steelers v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

The Pittsburgh Steelers were dead in the water as the 2023 season hit its final stretch. After starting 7-4, the Steelers lost three straight games to fall to 7-7, and their playoff hopes were all but lost- until Mike Tomlin handed the keys to veteran backup quarterback Mason Rudolph.

The Steelers won their final three games, with Rudolph posting a passer rating of 118 while averaging 240 yards per game and throwing three touchdowns. Pittsburgh snuck into the playoffs on the season’s final day, where they would go on to lose to the Buffalo Bills in the wild card round.

Rudolph is scheduled to be a free agent his March, but said that the team has expressed interest in re-signing him.

“[I] visited with Mike T and Omar [Khan] both,” Rudolph said on The Ramon Foster Show. “I felt like they meant it when they said they’d like to have me back, and I feel like they want to do future business with me. That’s good to hear. But, like you said, there are so many variables and it’s still so early...”

The Steelers will have many options in terms of what they do at quarterback. They can bring in a big-name free agent or make a splash trade. They can also go back to the well of the NFL Draft or ultimately bring Rudolph back.

Whomever the Steelers hire at offensive coordinator will certainly influence what they do under center. Once that first domino falls, we’ll begin to see that larger picture begin to form.