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Steelers Antonio Brown eyes NFL's all-time receiving list

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He's on pace for 130 catches this year, which would put him second all-time behind Marvin Harrison's 143 from 2002. He's also just two yards shy of his own franchise yardage record.

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What a failure that Antonio Brown is.

Only 10 catches on 10 targets in Pittsburgh's win over the Atlanta Falcons in Week 15. Another two yards, he would have broken his own team record for receiving yards in a season. So now he'll have to start all over again in Week 16 against the Chiefs.

And he'll probably break it in about six snaps.

The Steelers have run 927 plays this year and Brown has been targeted 159 times. In essence, he has the ball thrown to him one out of every six plays the Steelers run. He has caught a ridiculous 72.3 percent of the balls thrown his way this year, a mark generally owned by players who have less than 13 yards per catch like Brown does. His 115 catches this season ties him with Roddy White (2010), Andre Johnson (2008) and Marvin Harrison (1999) for the 14th most in league history.

Harrison owns the NFL record for catches in a season with 143, a mark set in 2002. He obliterated the previous mark of 123 catches that year held by Detroit's Herman Moore from 1995. Wes Welker also had 123 in 2009.

Steelers ring Bell for 204 yards vs. Titans.

Brown is on pace to trail only Harrison at the end of this season. Barring the unthinkable, it's relatively certain he will finish with more than 123 catches. He's on pace for 130 overall. And this isn't a dink-and-dunk-fueled set of numbers. Brown has 18 catches of 20 yards or more this year, 10th best in the league. That's on top of his league-leading marks in receptions (115) and receiving yards (1,498).

All of this complements a surging Steelers' offense that's scoring more points per game (27.8), the highest total the franchise has seen since the 26.6 points a game it scored in 1975. That team wound up defeating the Dallas Cowboys in Super Bowl X.

With a high-octane offense fueled by Brown and the equally impressive play of quarterback Ben Roethlisberger and running back Le'Veon Bell, the 2014 Steelers' offense will make a claim to be the most productive in franchise history. With two more games to go this season, Sunday vs. Kansas City and Week 17 vs. the Cincinnati Bengals, they will fluctuate a bit one way or another from their franchise-best scoring average. It may also carry them into their first post-season appearance since 2011.