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Throwback Thursday: A look back at Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Landry Jones

Until Week 6 of the 2015 NFL season, Landry Jones was best known as a wasted draft pick. Let's take a look back at some of Landry Jones moments from the past that don't involve last week's game or his rough start in the NFL.

Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

If Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Landry Jones was the subject of an article before Week 6, it was usually very negative. The Steelers used their second fourth-round pick in 2013 on Jones, the same year the Steelers picked up linebacker Jarvis Jones, running back Le'Veon Bell, wide receiver Markus Wheaton, safety Shamarko Thomas, and linebacker Vince Williams.

Before Landry Jones was maligned by Steelers fans everywhere, and before he redeemed himself in Week 6 against the Arizona Cardinals, he was a promising -foot 4-inch, 215-pound standout from Artesia, New Mexico.

After that, he found a home at Oklahoma University where he was known for his accuracy and reliability. His highlight reel shows why the Steelers had high hopes for Jones.

Then, ahead of the draft, Jones got Grudenized. He spent some time with Monday Night Football commentator Jon Gruden to discus his game. It includes the phrase, "Before Connecticut can say Tostidos." It's vintage Gruden and young Landry Jones, an entertaining combination. ...

Going into the draft, Jones was criticized for performing inconsistently under duress. In Week 6 against the Steelers, he performed admirably. As he gets his first NFL start against the Kansas City Chiefs, let's hope that he can muster up a repeat performance.