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Film Room: NFL's biggest hits from Week 9

We take a look at who made our hit squad from the week 9 action around the NFL.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

One of the most fun parts of football is watching one player explode with their shoulder pads into another player for a huge hit that changes the victim's direction and lights up the sidelines. Big hits have always been a celebrated part of football which fans, coaches and players love to see from their teammates (when it's not causing a serious injury to an opposing player).

We're going to start something new here at BTSC by putting together a list of big hits throughout the league to make what we'll call our "hit squad." Per NFL policies we can only provide three GIFs per article, so there will surely be hits we miss, but we will try to put in the best ones that caught our eye every week.

First hit:

Justin Hunter of the Tennessee Titans threw an old-school Hines Ward hit to take away any chance of the New Orleans Saints catching Delanie Walker on his way to a score after they failed to catch an easy interception.

Second hit:

Brandon Carr didn't get the last laugh on Sunday night, but he lowered a huge boomstick on Jordan Matthews for an early third down stop for the Dallas Cowboys.

Third hit:

Our own DeAngelo Williams had a huge day against the Oakland Raiders going for over 200+ yards from scrimmage and scoring two touchdowns, but he also delivered a huge hit upon the Raiders' Aldon Smith here to sit him down in his pass rush. Lowest man wins again.


Which hit was your favorite of week 9? What were ones you would have preferred to see? Let us know! We'll announce the winner of this week on next week's big hits article.