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Film Room: NFL's biggest hits from week 10

We get into the biggest hits around the league from week 10, vote for your favorite!

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome back to film room as we start our week with taking a look at the big hits across the NFL. Every week we look for the three biggest hits we can find and put them into GIFs for you to have fun watching until your eyeballs fall out. You can also vote for which hit was your favorite and we will keep tabs on all our winners as the season rolls on.

Before we get into this week's biggest hits, we will reveal last week's winner from our first voting contest:

DeAngelo Williams' vs. Oakland Raiders.

Williams had a huge day with 170+ yards and two touchdowns, but he also had a heck of a block that put Aldon Smith on his rear in pass protection for Ben Roethlisberger. He's the first member of our 2015-2016 HIT SQUAD.

But let's get into the hits for this week.

First hit: Will Hill III vs. Jacksonville Jaguars

The Baltimore Ravens lost a tough one on Sunday, but Will Hill III delivered a brutal slam that almost qualifies as a pile-driver.

Second hit: Will Allen vs. Cleveland Browns

On 4th down, Cleveland needed to get to the five yard line, so Johnny Manziel went to his receiver, Taylor Gabriel, who then was absolutely crushed by Will Allen with a perfect form hit. Allen leads with his shoulder and stops all momentum of Gabriel on the play.

Third hit: Linval Joseph vs. Oakland Raiders

Derek Carr appeared to be down on the play, but the game officials allowed the play to continue and Linval Joseph finished the job with an exclamation point.


In reference to our biggest hits, we are only allowed to use three GIFs per article and there are limited pairs of eyes on our team scoping out games. We're sure there are some we missed, but if you ever see one yourself which you think should be nominated, tweet the play to @btsteelcurtain on Twitter mentioning the player, quarter and time which it happened and we'll be sure to take a look at it.

Also, we also want to avoid devastating hits that have serious medical implications upon a player. For example, this week, Jarvis Jones delivered a punishing block on Andrew Hawkins during a play that apparently Hawkins does not even remember receiving. Hawkins' potential for a serious concussion injury is something we do not wish to celebrate; however on the play which Allen hit Gabriel above, Gabriel appeared to be fine after the play and no detailed injury report lists him with a serious problem after the game.